Pokemon go doesn't work after update

I am very happy to use /e/ on my nexus 6.
After the first start, all work like a charm.
I play a little bit with pokemon go app and it’s works fine too.
But after the 2 last updates 20191304 and 20191604, pokemon go app doesn’t want work again. It’s blocking on loading. What is the problem please ?

With the recents releases, all works fine .
Thank you very much.

Can you please tell me how you get it to work? I can’t connect to my account with /e/.

@darkvadd7 , i use facebook account to connect on pokémon go but you must have a facebook account and sync it with pokemon go previously.
But with the last release of /e/, pokémon go won’t work again. I try to downgrade to a /e/ version which works sooner but it doesn’t work too …
When i try to verify safetynet status : it’s not OK ; maybe it’s for this reason …
If someone can help me please ?

@anon64684597 /e/ users need to secure 100% of their personal data ? Are /e/ users not allowed to install just one application like pokemon go ?
I know this application is very intrusive… But we can’t control everythink 100% so if i use only some intrusive applications is better than using all intrusive applications (google , social network … Services)
I think /e/ project want to allow users to install all applications they want like you use standard Android ROM release. /e/ users are free to use all applications they want.
Thanks anyway for worrying about me.