Pokemon go help

Hi all,

I recently switched to / e / with the fairphone 3, and I have a bunch of friends who started playing pokemon GO.

I would love to join them, but I believe that without the google programs I cannot do anything, I tried to hack microG but I did not find any viable solutions, even on the various microG forums and near the support of this application,

I do not know if I am in the right topic, and if I am doing HS, but help would be greatly appreciated, and i’m sorry my english is not very good i’ve used a translator.

Many thanks everyone!

I have no useful advice but to ask you why do you bother with /e/ OS if you want to use a NSA co-developed spy-app which tracks your every move while you are willingly filming your face and everything in front of you?

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gg uses Pokémon go to extend its global map inside private spaces, too…

Traduction française ci-dessous

Hi @Beniflex

I recommend you read this article, which explains rather well the hidden inner workings of Pokemon Go.

A particularly interesting part is this one :

In choosing where to place the Pokestops where the creatures gather, the company was able to “herd game players to specific places: establishments, bars, restaurants, pizza joints, service establishments, places where they might fix your car, or retail shops,”

In short, this app can be used to influence, modify, shape your behavior.

I do not judge your request, because it seems to me that you did not know about this. I simply seek to help you make an informed choice.

Finally, I highly recommend you read Shoshanna Zuboff’s "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, which explains in depth how Pokemon Go and more broadly surveillance capitalism work.

Traduction française :

Je recommande la lecture de cet article, qui explique plutôt bien les rouages cachés de Pokemon Go.

Une partie particulièrement intéressante est celle-ci :

En choisissant l’emplacement des Pokéstops où se rassemblent les créatures, l’entreprise a pu “conduire les joueurs du jeu vers des lieux spécifiques : établissements, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, établissements de services, lieux où l’on peut réparer votre voiture, ou magasins de détail.”

En bref, cette application peut être utilisée pour influencer, modifier, façonner ton comportement.

Je ne juge pas ta demande, car il me semble que tu n’étais pas au courant. Je cherche simplement à t’aider à faire un choix éclairé.

Enfin, je te recommande vivement de lire " L’âge du capitalisme de surveillance " de Shoshanna Zuboff, qui explique en profondeur le fonctionnement de Pokémon Go et plus largement du capitalisme de surveillance.

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