[POLL] Which accessories shall we offer for Fairphone 3?

Pre-orders for Fairphone 3 are well underway and some have requested we offer compatible accessories too, as the phone is sold without USB cable and charger.

We are curious to know your point of view to deliver the best service possible.

Shall we add official Fairphone accessories or compatible accessories to the store?

  • Fairphone branded accessories (cables, chargers, covers)
  • 3rd party compatible accessories

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I already have my FP3 + (Fairphone) accessories, so I’m not going to vote.

But there is a point I want to mention: the Fairphone forum is full of people who were not able to charge their FP3 with the cables they already had, summarized here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/charging-speed-problems-use-usb-if-certified-cables/54816?u=ingo

Sure, the second option says “compatible” accessories, so that might not be a problem.

And one question: the poll is exlusive, i.e. either Fairphone or 3rd party. Assuming that 3rd party would include more than one model per category, why not e.g. offer two 3rd party cables plus the one from Fairphone?

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The Fairphone has a philosophy you already know. I guess its accessories too. So I don’t think it would be logical to sell with it 3rd party cables made by children in China. (Yes it’s caricatural but you see what I mean).

Since those accessories will be for the Fairphone, it seems normal to have Fairphone branded accessories.


Does the Snapdragon 800-series qualify as an accessory? I’d be happy to see such an offer.

Perhaps Fairphone could give you a broken Fairphone 2 they got sent in for recycling as an accessory? It has a Snapdragon 801 :wink: .

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By accessories we mean USB cables, USB chargers, phone covers and similar. Not components.


Hi @alexis, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but, I recently saw that Fairphone is giving free modualar earphones if you buy a phone with the participating resellers in May. Any chance /e/ is taking part in this and we can get some earphones in our package?


@graz we will take part in this action as participating resellers.
That being said all handling is done via Fairphone upon registration. Some personal data will be collected by Fairphone to fulfill the promotion, at least to deliver the earphones.
We will try to share details with order confirmations.


I have recently bought a Phone but can’t find any information about that promotion in the order confirmation so what is need to get the “extra earphones”? The Packaging suggest that they are included but …


According to reports in the Fairphone forum France dictates that phone vendors have to include earphones with every phone, so … French packaging perhaps? But these would be cheapo earphones, of course, not the modular ones.

Thanks for the information, it seems I ordered my FP3 one day after the end of the promotion expired :face_with_head_bandage:

Maybe a bit late, but a cover is allways great.

Ans about cables I will offer them to buy them or not to bouy them, like Fairphone does