[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?

Please also add Redmi 6 A.

It would appear that we’re the only people who bought this phone.
I haven’t seen any love for this device, especially after lenovo/motorola announced they were dropping support for it…

Huawey Honor 6 line please.

Pls add oneplus 6, that would be grand


Plesse support sony xz1 compact.


Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - daisy
Would be great


@patrick @GaelDuval @Manoj @alexis

Would not it be better to close this topic to open a new one with a new predefined phone list according to the possibilities of development?

On this subject, everyone will ask for the support of the phone he currently owns and therefore no consensus around a specific phone.

the subject allows to speak freely but in the end the answers are not listed and at the base this subject was to vote and speak on a specific list of phones.


Hi @lcjmle keeping the devices suggestions in one post makes it easy to track. The initial list was published months ago and from there this list kept growing.
We do keep a track of the devices users have been suggesting and based on the popular choices the new set of supported devices are selected.
On the question of everyone naming his / her device on the list…guess that is ok as long as they are popular choices and have multiple users suggesting it.
The only issue is where we have rare devices which are un - supported by Lineage - even then if someone is ready to build for that device we will be happy to support it.

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Still on my wishlist:

Moto G5 (plus, s)

Yes please! Huawei P8 Lite 2017 would be awesome!

Please add Nokia 6.1 Plus or Nokia devices on your Supporting devices list, as of now Boot-loader can unlocked by paid and few Custom ROM’s also available in XDA.

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Let’s agree! great phone, great value :+1: definitely!
I would switch to this so fast
Support oneplus 6!

Doesn’t huawei have tracking hardware that would circumvent eelo’s protection?

Could not data be accessed by Huawei?

What is the phone with the highest amount of features that is supported by /e/?
Does it have over 40 megapixel camera?
Thanks…:grin: love to know :relieved:
Maybe, should I say, the highest end phone.

Please add Samsung GT-S7582. Will love to use /e/ .

Pinephone or librem 5

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As i previously owned an iPhone 8, I urge for a more recent high end smartphone. Now I use a Sony Xperia XA2 with /e/ .it’s decent but no winner. Regret not buying a pocophone.

So my wishlist:

  • Sony X1 or X10
  • Samsung S10 (+)
  • Xiaomi Mi8 Or Mi 9
  • Sony xz3
  • Google pixel 2 (xl)

I understand this will be hard, but if /e/ want to reach mass and momentum we need a high end showcase to win the heart of our mums and dads.

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Xperia Z5 Compact, please. It is already supported by LineageOS 14 (would have loved to have at least LineageOS 15 support) so it should not be hard to build.


I like to see device support for:

  • SM-A600FN (Samsung Galaxy A6 2018)
  • SM-J710F (Samsung Galaxy J7 2016)(there is already an unofficial linage build for this device)

I would love to see device support for the OnePlus 6