[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?

Project Tango Development kit
Great device with $1000 price tag abandoned by google

Xperia Z5 compact and Z3 compact would be great.

@patrick could you update this poll to remove already supported devices and to add most quoted models.
(or to discard this poll and create a new one)


There is a new poll coming up…this thread has become too long. @alexis :slight_smile:


I’d appreciate it if you could add Moto E2 (second generation) - code name “taido” (I believe). Thanks.

Please add Wileyfox Swift (crackling) to the Oreo list. It is already supported by LineageOS 16

I vote for the Motorola E (2nd generation). You have support for the 1st generation, but I want it for the 2nd generation too.

This is fine! But a little more work on the other direction will really be useful!!! Like,
there are many small popular local smartphone companies (micromax in India?) whose device (the hardware and ROM, etc) are very similar (or exact) to establised devices in the marker. An attempted map (apart from users trying it and posting it) listing the compatibles will be very helpful!


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GSM - espresso3g
Asus Zenphone Laser - ZOOL

Please, many thanks

@dks Nice idea!!!
I would support this. Even though my location is US, haha…

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Hi, I would like to know if there is any future plan to build /e/ for every phone supported by LineageOS (specially the ones with Oreo support), or maybe I drop hope for /e/ to support BQ one day (I know it’s not a world known brand, therefore I ask).

We build for devices which are requested by our users. The more the requests the better the chance of a build. We are not competing with Lineage on device count.

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Hi @Manoj, thanks for clarifying.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Manoj Maybe add the new Motorola Moto E5 and Moto E5 Play. Phones cheap and could do the job for /e/


Can you please help me with Pixel 2 XL. I purchase this device just because of /e/ and now I am unable to flash it properly. I did post my problem here but I did not get any help.

I would like to have a build for Xiaomi Max2 – oxygen — There are some unofficial LOS roms (incl. LOS16/pie) available and I have tried to build it for my own, but all tries are failed.

In the moment I’m using LOS16 and it works fine.

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i can’t vote ,
because i have a Galaxy S4 mini VE - serranoveltexx
i9195i ! please

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As you may have noticed this poll was getting difficult to follow or track. Therefore we are closing down this thread.
The device names on this list will be collated and the result published for all users to view.
To raise new device requests please create an topic here.
The title should be your device name.
The more the number of likes or users agreeing to the device being built the better the chances of the device being built.