Help needed installing ROM on Pixel 2 XL

If someone can help me to get /e/ on my Pixel 2 XL. After flashing and rebooting it just stop in bootloader. Whatever I do will not boot. Here is my steps, please let me know if I did something wrong.

  1. Flash latest factory 8.1 image
  2. Boot in TWRP and clean cache, system and format data
  3. Reboot in TWRP, adb push latest /e/ rom and flash
  4. Adb push and flash TWRP zip, clear cache and reboot system

After that it will just stop in bootloader again. I did try with same steps some older versions of /e/ for Pixel 2 XL but it is exactly the same. I don’t really know what is wrong here. On my old Oneplus X I did not have any of this and I was so happy with it but here on Pixel 2 XL it’s just refuse to work…

I did try with different versions of TWRP and also with older versions of factory images (like 8.0).
At one point I get /e/ boot animation but after a minute will just restart. Loading did never finish.

Also I did try with sideload but that give me same results. Sometimes TWRP is showing a message like there is no OS are you sure you like to reboot?..

I would like to know exactly version of factory image I need to use before flashing /e/ and best TWRP version to flash with.

Hi @rhunault please can someone help @emilius install /e/ on hi Pixel 2 XL

Hi @emilius if you reboot at this point what happens?

@emilius you can reboot if TWRP shows you this message. It happens sometimes that it does not detect the system installed. Please tell us if it works after reboot.

Thank you for help @rhunault and @Manoj
After reboot the system will not boot.It will go back to bootloader. Sometimes I get /e/ boot animation but after about 2 minutes will restart again in bootloader.

I am not sure what factory image I should have before I flash /e/. I did tray with 8.0, 8.1 and 9.0. Is there specific version I should have?

Prefer installing a 8.1 factory image, as /e/ Oreo is based on this version.

Yes, that is how I did it first time. After flash it will just show boot animation and after 2 minutes will reboot to bootloader. This is the order how I did it

  • flash latest 8.1 factory image on A and B slots and let it boot once
  • fastboot boot TWRP, clean cache, system and format data
  • sideload e
  • sideload TWRP
  • reboot system

That procedure should work on any rom installation, it is 100% clean install but it is not working with e rom. I am wondering if anyone else with Pixel 2 XL have this problem?

I did another try with latest e form 05/07 and it is still the same. The phone will start booting, e animation is happening for about 2 minutes and then the phone just restarts to recovery. What else I can try?

The procedure seems good. Only thing strange: what do you mean exactly by sideload TWRP?

That is flashing TWRP (adb sideload
First time I have to boot to TWRP (fastboot boot twrp-3.3.0-0-taimen.img) and then flash it from TWRP (adb sideload but I did it with sildeload avoiding copying (push).

A/B devices have to boot to TWRP first and then flash. That part is also wrong in “how to flash” procedure for taimen. Flashing recovery from fastboot is for older devices I think. That is how I flash TWRP on my OnePlus X.

Hi @emilius and @rhunault , I have had the same difficulties getting e os to boot on the taimen and wanted to contribute a bit more of what I have tried. I have used every build listed:

  • ( does not progress past boot logo )
  • ( does not progress past boot logo )
  • ( does not progress past boot logo )
  • ( stops at boot animation, then reboots after several minutes )
  • ( stops at boot animation, then reboots after several minutes )

In addition to clean installs from both 8.0 and 8.1 factory images, I also tried flashing the successive e os builds on top of the previous to see if there would be any change, without any luck. It seems like there is some trouble with the device images that are causing the same problems that @emilius and I are having with installation.

I note that taimen does not appear to be supported by lineageos today, and the /e/ link to install instructions there gives 404.

‘taimen’ is on the supported list and is a ‘community’ build. Just checked the link to its install page and it is working.

Where /e/ instructions say, "This documentation “Install /e/ on Google Pixel XL 2 - “taimen” " is a derivative of “install LineageOS on taimen” by The LineageOS Project,…” The link to lineageos wiki goes to 404.

@ithink314 so I am not the only one. Good to know. I am wondering how is this community builds getting tested? Is there something we don’t know?

@barczakmark @ithink314 Did you have a chance to test new build e-0.6?

@emilius Sorry, no. I am on old Nexus 6 shamu. I was only trying to understand why taimen is not supported by lineage, but is supported by /e/; however, shamu IS supported by lineage, but not as much by /e/. And followed links to read instructions to see differences, but hit a broken link.

Hi @ithink314 the reason why the support from lineage has stopped for some devices is because Lineage depends on users who help build the ROM for their devices. These users called device maintainers usually work voluntarily. When a device maintainer stops support for a device, Lineage drops that particular device. At /e/ we also primarily depend on Device Maintainers to help build our device ROM’s. Since we do not have a large number of Device Maintainers we build the ROM’s on our own systems. These community ROM’s at times do not have a physical device to test the ROM out fully. This also happens because some of these devices are not available for sale in the open market.
The important part is the security patches for devices for which we are dependent on Lineage. As the Lineage un-supported devices were not getting security patches we are working on a process to provide security patches directly for the devices without depending on Lineage.
It is on the testing part for these devices that at times we have issues. Since we do not have a physical device. Here we update a ‘What is not working’ section on the device ROM install page with details on what all is not working on the ROM. This information comes from XDA and other sources including our user bug reports. Users are expected to go through the section and then install only if they are ok with the issues.

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@Manoj @rhunault @barczakmark I have tested latest and it is still the same. Not possible to boot, bad flash.


We are sorry for problem you are facing of. Could you please raised an issue here?