[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?



Please add support Xiaomi mi 8 se (sirius) on Oreo


Oreo for Essential ph1 mata would be cool. :wink:


Fairphone 2 (FP2) for Oreo (v0.2)


Yeap! I’m waiting Oreo for Essential mata to test this ROM


Any chance for Xiaomi Mi4?


Please add essential PH-1 mata to the Oreo list. Thanks!


Please add Xiaomi Mi5s Plus
and Redmin Note 4 (mido) for PIE :smiley::smiley::smiley:


BlackBerry DTEK50


Whhy there’s no Mi6X /Wayne please somebody make the for us, thankyou


hi i would like to see oreo for mido!

thank you!


Hi, would love to have this rom for my Xiaomi Mi4.


Hi, Oreo for Axon 7 would be fine


Hey all. How about adding the Samsung Galaxy Siii (S3) 4G aka i9305

That would be great. I’m assuming that the ROM for the i9300 wouldn’t be right… Dangerous to assume though.



As LG GPad V500 is supported by LineageOS 14.1 is it feasible to have it supported here ? Or can I build it myself ?


Hi @yannbrrd as you may be aware we depend on device -maintainers to build official builds for us. If you are interested in building the ROM yourself and maintaining it please let us know.
Adding @rhunault from the /e/ team to the conversation.


@manoj depending on what it takes, at least willing to give it a try… If I can build it for me and it works, sure I can share it…


LG G Pad 8.3 is not maintained anymore by LOS team. But, as it was, it should be possible to run a build on your side.
About support, we need to find a maintainer before to add this device to our official nightly build list.


I hope you could make /e/ available also at some basic line phones without Snapdragon processor, by so I’m suggesting Nokia 5.1 Plus, after all we need /e/ also on those phones which our mothers and fathers like to buy. I don’t know about you, but mine still likes Nokia. And wider userbase, the better.

Sure it’s problem that Lineage OS is mainly for Snapdragon powered phones, or some Samsung Exynos etc.


Je propose la marque Huawei, et pour ma part modèle P10.
N’étant pas programmeur…je souhaite apporter mon aide selon vos besoins :+1:
Merci à vous :call_me_hand:


SONY Xperia Z5 (as they abandoned us! :disappointed_relieved: )