Possible to build minimal /e/ without phone/sim support?


I want trying to build a minimal /e/ without phone support. It’s for a spare moto G 2014 titan I want to use as mp3 player / camera / gps. SoI don’t need all the phone stuff , so no sim support, no contacts, no adress book, no mail, etc. This makes the UI cleaner and I hope to save some resources and last a little bit longer on battery.
Is this possible? If yes how should it be done?


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You just have to put it in airplane mode and remove any SIM card. I don’t think it would improve the battery to remove any support of the cell part. And at least you will still be able to make emergency calls :wink:

There are some make files for tablets without telephony. I can check it.

That would be nice. If you can point me to where I should find them because it’s the first time I would build a image.

OK, I think I figured it out.
In the lineage.mk file there is the line:

# Inherit some common Lineage stuff.
$(call inherit-product, vendor/cm/config/common_full_phone.mk)

I should replace ‘common_full_phone.mk’ with another config from vendor/cm/config/

It seems there are 2 tablet config’s:

so I assume the mini stands for minimal?


Yes, but never tried, so I can’t say for sure that it will work.

So the other thing I should do is in the kernel-repo finding the correct dts and disable the sim-card part.
I already found the msm8226 dts files (there are a lot). I will start with the msm8226-titan ones and see where it leads me.

I would prefer to use the minimal script and after flashing the rom I would remove unneeded apps via adb.


This is quite interesting…
I was thinking about having a version of /e/OS for basic phone usage*, and I was wondering if that would reduce the need for ressources (for low specs smartphones) or improve battery life. What do you think?

  • What I mean by basic phone usage: calls / SMS / local contacts / local calendar / reminders / bluetooth / file manager (to copy a backup of the contacts / calendar entries to micro SD cart or USB). By local contacts and calendar, I mean no need to syncronize with anything else via any network.

I personally don’t use MicroG (and what comes with it) nor synchronisation.

I disabled MicroG (and what comes with it) so it doesn’t use anything of my 1.5 GB of RAM.

I checked RAM and battery usage, and the synchronisation part (when no account is added and synchronisation is turned off of course) doesn’t appear in RAM and battery usage so it uses almost nothing.

I don’t think it’s woth building something without those elements, it won’t change anything (unless maybe the size of the zip file, but you won’t have more user storage anyway).


I agree to anonyme. The benefit of removing some apps will have not really a benefit of batterie consumtion or ram usage.

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Thank you Anonyme and harvey186 for your replies