Possible to deactivate MapLibre dark mode globally?

Hi folks,

While I prefer dark mode for every kind of UI, it is not useful for me at all when looking at maps. For me, the different color scheme (from what I am used to) makes it harder to recognize an area. The fact that MapLibre in dark mode has very low contrasts does not make it easier, especially when outside.

Is there any sort of switch which would override MapLibre always to be displayed in bright mode in all apps? I couldn’t find anything in the settings, but maybe there is a less prominent way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot and best regards

legit request. You’d probably have to go to microg issue tracker to make your case. There’s no such request yet. They’d need to implement a setting telling the maplibre-gl layer to always think you’re using a system bright-theme. I speculate a launcher could set an individual app on startup to use the bright-theme.