Possible to download previous versions of /e/? (i.e. nougat)

I have a phone with /e/ nougat, and one with /e/ q. Many important apps don’t work on /e/ q, but they do with /e/ nougat, in my experience. But I can’t find older versions of /e/ for my other phone, the Essential ph1. Is it possible to still find them?

The apps which didn’t work for me on Essential ph1 with /e/ q are: Talkatone, Lyft, Waze, Uber. Additionally, the Apps app crashes when I attempt to download the PWA version of uber or lyft.

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Last version of /e/OS Nougat I have for the mata is 20200211. I vaguely remember there may have been a couple of later builds that were giving some people problems with screen offset issues.
Before thinking of going down to Nougat, have you considered trying Pie first?

I installed and ran the four apps you mentioned on Pie. All good. Not fully tested as I don’t use that kind of stuff but no crashes. PWAs also good.
If you need the last Pie build for mata, let me know.

Regarding the latter, I was going to test installing PWAs on my /e/ Nougat device but found the battery drained while I was at work. Doh!

On my Moto potter I recently set up a ROM to be minimal (Simple Mobile Tools suite as the default apps, PWAs for everything else where applicable). I put the Apps store on the ROM (FireHound Nougat) for the PWA feature. It crashes every time I try to install a PWA (recorded log shows why but that’s for another time). No problem with regular apps. Since I’m on non-/e/ I can’t say it’s a problem until I test on my /e/OS Nougat device.
No big deal though as I use Toby Kurien’s WebApps for that stuff anyway.

@marcdw I would very much appreciate having the last Pie and giving it a try, thanks!

Of the apps I mentioned, only the Apps app crashed. All the others simply couldnt connect to the internet, that was their main problem. But they load fine. (Talkatone, waze, lyft)

Okay, here’s a link on Mega. Let me know if it works out okay. If not I can upload to another cloud storage.

PWA note. On my /e/ Nougat I can’t seem to install PWAs. Apps doesn’t crash or give errors, it just does nothing when I tap on INSTALL. Weird. When I get home I’ll troubleshoot.

@marcdw will I have to first install regular android for Pie, before installing this? Or any other consideration for downgrading?

I have never been on Q so I’m not sure about the downgrade.
The recommended action is to use a matching firmware first. For me, I would probably first test by doing a full wipe including internal storage (or at least the /sdcard/Android/ directory) and flash normally. Test everything to see what does/doesn’t work, especially data/WiFi/Bluetooth.
If Pi/e/ is seriously broken, then would have to start with Pie firmware.