Possible to exchange only boot.img on running /e/?

Hello to the community,

I am new here und quite new to /e/.
I have installed /e/ twice on my GS290.
First time with easy-installer and resulting no WIFI and bluetooth error.
Second time manually as written in documentation und this forum.
So I am not really an expert in using fastboot commands.
But /e/ is running fine now on my GS290 and I am happy with it.
One little issue is the orange warning when booting because of the unlocked bootloader as it was topic here in the forum for several times. But I like to try an other solution:
As I remember there was an “e” with dropping dot at the very first boot sequence instead of the little android-robot at the bottom of the screen with the orange warning when booting with stable /e/ from easy-installer.
After second installation with fastboot commands and files from the links in the documentation this boot “e” disappeares and only is shown in the later booting process.
After checking the download links in the documentation I found that for the recovery and system images you can choose between dev and stable branch but for the boot.img there is only a link to the dev branch which I used of cause. But there is also a boot.img file in the stable branch.
My question now is if it is possible only to exchange the boot.img with the first line of the fastboot commands
“fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification boot boot.img”
without executing the other commands for flashing the other images und the -w command.
Any expert here who can help?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @HG-Systems, welcome to the /e/ forum.

My answer is going to be to examine some of the terms you used. I am not sure that the are going to join up the way you hope! :slight_smile:

boot.img contains the kernel and ramdisk, critical files necessary to load the device before the filesystem can be mounted.

Here is an explanation of Recovery Images  |  Android Open Source Project

The bouncing e can be called a boot animation, or a splash screen , a simple screen filler to use while the device has no ability to do anything more useful while it puts the software together.

Regarding the “Unlocked device” screen, Android provides a space for a warning screen to say that the device is no longer in the full control of Android. Or, to put it another way, it is about “Communicating Verified Boot state to users”, Boot Flow  |  Android Open Source Project

This is effectively another splash screen, manufacturers vary how they do it.

If your idea is to use the bouncing e animation in place of the “unlocked device” image, this might conceivably be possible but the route to find out would involve finding the “orange warning image” (which will be an image itself), then finding out how easy it is to replace with “something nicer”. But I think that is a subject you have already been researching?


Hello aibd,

thank you very much for your explanation.
My idea is far from building an own boot.img; my knowledge is far from beeing able to do so.
My consideration was that the splash screen with bouncing e is generated while “loading” boot.img and that boot.img from stable branch is containing the bouncing e while boot.img from dev branch is containing the little android robot. Both images have the exact same size so that you can choose one or the other.
As I remember the bouncing e was covering the orange warning but maybe I am wrong because I was so fascinated seeing the bouncing e the first time that I overlook the orange warning. The first time I really see the orange warning was the first booting after recovering to stock rom because of the not working wifi in e.
So my question is simply if it is possible to only flash the boot.img from stable branch without also flashing recovery, system and loosing all user data and getting the device still booting/running.
Maybe all my considerations are wrong and we can forget my idea of exchanging the boot.img. I am still happy with e and will overlook the orange warning the few times booting the device is necessary.

Hi @HG-Systems, if there is something “not right” with your phone let’s see if we can sort that out.

That statement should not be the case. I am not going to use the word boot.img here as I must not use a technical term for a sub-set of the software too loosely when you are taking about images in the sense of things we see!

In my experience /e/ provides the animation in the case I described.

The orange warning, is described well here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/2980.

So my question is simply …

I would have to say no.

OK, thank you. We can close this topic now.