Post Needs Approval

Already in the past, but also within the last 24 hours, postings were checked by me - whenever @GaelDuval is involved.

Post Needs Approval
We’ve your new post but it needs to be approved by a moderator before it will appear. Please be patient.
You have 1 post pending.

Why is that?

It seems very strange to me, especially since other postings do not have to be approved by me before publication.

That is because there are certain categories such as Announcements under which only /e/ team members are allowed to post. User comments or post there will need to be approved before they can show up.

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At first sight “certain categories” are not recognizable for me, where only /e/ team members are allowed to post. Or is there an explanation somewhere here in the forum that I haven’t discovered yet?

Well, there are other ways to post comments or posts to the topic.

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Clarity on the subject would be nice – I also was surprised by the moderation message when replying to the /e/+Fairphone topic yesterday.

The Annoucement category is a special one. You can’t create topics and every post needs to be approved.