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As some of you may be aware, this forum would be completing five years soon. Over the years, we have added hundreds of active users and get about 1 million hits per month. Every day the number of new posts number between 50 - 80. In addition to English, we have French, German, Dutch and Spanish language user specific sections. As of today, we support 200+ devices

The comments and feedback we have received on the forum has helped us shape the /e/OS and its cloud services.
We are always thankful for the suggestions and criticism that has assisted us to identify and fix bugs, besides improve the documentation.

We clearly understand that we are a long way from being perfect. There is a sizable bug list which constantly reminds us of how much more needs to be done. The development team does prioritize these issues and releases them as part of each subsequent build.

That being said, we understand that some of the users feel frustrated and are not satisfied by the speed of the issue closure. This frustration shows up in some of the posts and feedback that we get on the forum as well as at our helpdesk.

While we respect and look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism, we also request that the language used in posts be civil and polite. Using language which is abusive, combative or argumentative does not serve any purpose.
Compared to most forums, we have a very lenient policy when it comes to criticism. But there are some limits. Abusive language attacking other users, developers, moderators or admins on the forum will not be tolerated.

There have been posts by some new users on the forum, about which we have received complaints of abusive language from other users.
Such posts will be flagged / deleted and folks posting them will be warned. If there is no improvement, such users will be banned from the forum. We request new users to be polite and civil.
We would also request other users to flag such posts.

While creating posts, describe the issue as clearly as possible and also mention the steps that you took while facing it or what you tried to resolve it. Provide as much detail about your device, its build version and share details like if the device is rooted. Information about your service provider and general location are also helpful, as some issues can be service provider specific.

The rules of posting are very simple - if you want others to respect your ideas and views, start by respecting their ideas and views.

Also, this is an open source project. If you have the technical skills, use them and improve the code. Contribute constructively.

Join us in keeping the forum active, vibrant. Let us all work towards making /e/OS and it services better.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I agree with 100% of what you say, @manoj, and perfectly understand why you are saying it, being a keen follower of the forum … and also probably partly cause of this message : let me give here my share of apology for that.
About the frustration of some users about the speed of some issue closure, may I suggest that, in some cases (not all of them), this frustration would get mitigated and that harder or even bad words would not even appear … if the team (as a whole) would simply and shortly answer to the users’ questions in a reasonable delay (of course, provided these questions are fairly and respectfully made), even if the answer is : “we don’t know”, “we didn’t check yet, but will ASAP”, "we can’t do that because … ", … etc ?
In what’s expected to be a dialog, silence generates frustration … and the longer, the bigger (at least in my French culture).
I know that the team is overloaded with work, but this would probably help mitigating the pressure on it, in my humble opinion.
Hoping this helps.

There’s probably always room somewhere for improvement in project <-> users interaction, but escalated frustration is not an excuse for flag-worthy behaviour in a public forum.

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