Power button long press behavior changed

The pockets in one of my pairs of pants activates the touchscreen on my OnePlus Nord.
Interestingly, I didn’t have this issue before /e/OS v1 I think.
Because of this, I have to set my phone to “lockdown mode” when placing it in my pocket or it ends up with a bunch of random things being tapped on (pocket/ butt-dialing).

I frequently forget to do this and recently, I seem to have somehow changed the behavior of the power button.
Previously, performing a “long-hold” or, “medium hold” if that exists, (of just the power button not power+volume), would take a screenshot.
After the change, performing a long hold would result in either nothing happening, or an “Emergency call” being placed. After multiple tries and varying levels of pressure on the power button, I could lockdown mode it.

I performed an /e/OS factory reset and reinstalled all apps and the behavior of the button has changed to where now a long-hold does get the power menu to appear and does not place an emergency call but the screenshot function has still not returned to how it was.
I looked at several posts on Power button function and screenshot function but none seem to be the same issue.

Has anyone encountered any of this?
Was my power button just not functioning properly to begin with?

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Maybe easiest to use Search within Settings, for Power button … from there Power menu.