Poweramp - indexing folders FOREVER and very hot battery

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone had the same issue - I installed Poweramp through the /e/-App-Store on my S4 and tried to make it index the mp3s on my SD-card. It took a very long time so I had it index overnight. Still without success though. It took up all processor power though (I was unable to use other apps) and the battery got very hot. It seems there is an issue here. I ended up uninstalling it, since I wanted to … well … actually use my phone.

Sidenote: Does someone have a good alternative for PowerAmp? I’m looking for a player that lets me search for a keyword and play the results in mixed order. For example, I want to search for “pendulum” and find all tracks that have Pendulum as an artist or Pendulum in the title - and then play them all like a playlist.