Pre-installed refurbished server machines

Hello everybody!

I was wondering if something like refurbished server machines with /e/ cloud pre-installed could be something added to the roadmap sooner or later?

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you have Linux for it

Sorry… What? :thinking:
I’m talking about refurbished server machines, just like the refurbished phones available on

You don’t need server machines with /e/OS pre-installed, because you have Linux, which better than /e/ for servers.

Better for you :man_shrugging:t2:

/e/ is aiming at non-geeks.
So pre-installed machines are definitely one of the best options /e/ has to grow it’s customer range.
Refurbished phones with pre-installed /e/OS was a great first step in that direction.

PS: your argument is like "you have TWRP so no need for pre-installed phones…":thinking:

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/e/ its mobile os fork of LineageOS, because threre is no alternative for smartphones, for servers there are a lot of distros and users friendly also, like ubuntu, so there is no need for /e/ for servers, which simply be a fork of ubuntu or debian, but why you want use fork if you have original distro, i dont really understand users which want /e/ for their pcs, servers, mircowases, fridges ect, you already have good decision for this, please understand /e/ is google free mobile os, not the os for all your electronic devices.

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There seems to be a misunderstanding here.

I’m talking about this:

Just like pre-installed Nextcloud machines or Yunohost… Etc etc.

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yes, because its not server preinstalled with /e/ OS, its linux server with preinstalled /e/cloud services.

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