Pre-installed S7: Nougat or Oreo?

I have a question about the Smartphone Selector table.
I see the Galaxy S7, which is said to run /e/ oreo. I just bought that machine pre-installed, and it seems to run Android7, which I thought is Nougat. How is this? Could I upgrade to Oreo? Or am I wrong in assuming I have Nougat?

The S7 official build is on Oreo. If by pre installed you mean the device purchased from the eShop being on nougat it can be upgraded. The only difference is the upgrade will have to be manual as OTA upgrades are not possible at the moment.

Yes, my Samsung S7 was bought in the eShop.

What is the reason that the eShop S7 phones have Nougat, and the “official build” is Oreo?
Like, is Nougat at this moment more stable?
Or would it be better to upgrade?

I want to start helping my friends getting on /e/, so I want to know what is best for non-tech users.

The availability of the Oreo build for the S7 is quite recent (a few weeks ago), that is why it is not pre-installed on the phones sold on the eShop (and I don’t think the phones still in stock will be flashed again).

And as Manoj said, there is a difficulty with this phone because it is not possible to upgrade from Nougat to Oreo through OTA, it must be done manually.

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Thanks for the explanation.

Could we know about when an OTA upgrade will be possible for the people who have purchased a S7 from your website?
Is there actually someone working on that?

The development of OTA OS upgrade has not been completed. There were some issues with the Updater app as it prevents an OS upgrade. Unfortunately there has not been much progress on this.

Well that’s really unfortunate since you sell it directly on your website. People without the capacity or knowledge to upgrade it manually have bought it thinking they were buying a phone that was going to be maintened/updated and now they’re stuck with an outdated android version.
I’d strongly advise you, for the sake of /e/'s credibility as well as mere consideration for your early adopters/backers to work about it in order to find a solution. In the meantime, to be honest with people interested in your project and in supporting it, you should directly mention on the page selling the S7 that it is stuck on android nougat and that if they wish to run a less outdated version, they’ll have to do it manually.

Waiting some weeks for the stable branch Oreo OTA upgrade is reasonable to keep the stable OTA abonement