Predator files and Murena

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I’m wondering if there has been an official statement from /e/OS or Murena towards the “Predator files” investigation from October 2023 and it’s potential impact on /e/OS users. Have /e/OS-users also been the target of the invasive Predator spyware?

I’m reading into the “Predator files” now, and especially this report

states that:

The aim of this research is to provide concrete information about surveillance capabilities available from this one vendor in the commercial surveillance market. We hope that this report can be a resource for the cybersecurity community and major mobile device and technology vendors.



It would help me assess my own risk (besides the minimum €9K cost per exploited user for Predator, which I don’t think I’m “worth”) to know if this assumption of mine has been true: that the standard procedures of installing and upgrading /e/OS (at least on my main OnePlus platform, which originally required overwriting some partitions manually) flashes the baseband / firmware and would eradicate any installation of Predator or Pegasus. :thinking:

I would happily stand corrected if someone can disprove this assumption, since I would rather have a realistic perspective than any false sense of security. Conversely I would be happy to confirm a practical alternative to assembly-line reimaging to stock — before installing /e/OS again — to ensure my phone wasn’t infected.

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