Preferred network

Hi, I struggle lately with the network setting in my phone. In /e/ this is not that simple like 2G, 3G ans so on. I tried to search on the Internet the solution to my issue, but I only got more confused.

Do you know what is the difference between the two below :

  • preferred GSM / WCDMA
  • automatic GSM / WCDMA ?

And is the choice TDSCDMA / GSM like the 2G with a bit of Internet like 2,5 G or 2,9 G ?

I am asking about it, as my carrier is going to turn off 3G in around a year time but they leave 2G working for some reason. For the Internet use I use Wi-Fi for like 95% of time. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to text on messenger apps or check bus on text website while being away from trusted Wi-Fi. At the same time I do not want LTE connection to consume my phone’s battery too fast.

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