Preparing phase started


(No native speaker here…sorry :slight_smile: )

Just preparing to create my first /e/os enabled smartphone. And I have no clue about smartphones yet (I rooted an ASUS tablet back in the days though). Currently nothing is decided…
The plan:
I am a die hard Linux user (Gentoo Linux - No Windows) and
want a smartphone which can easily be flashed with (preferentially the newest) /e/os.

Currently I am looking at the Google Pixel 5. May be a colleque has one…

I have installed adb:
Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
Version 34.0.0-android-tools
Installed as /usr/bin/adb

Do I need to pay attention to some additional “features” which may differ from one Pixel 5 to another or are they “all created equal” :slight_smile: and mar ruin my day when to taken care of ?

Anything else to care about before spending money for a used smartphone?

Is there a better option of a smartphone in regard to /e/os ?

Cheers! :slight_smile: