Preserving exif dates when importing pictures to cloud

I am moving to /e/ and would like to use drive to store all my old pictures that were stored in another cloud service. The problem is that when importing all my old pictures, they all appear in photos under the current month. It seems that exif data information is not taken into account.
Is it a known issue or is there something special to do to make it work?



yes, nextcloud photos doesn’t take it into account, it uses the origin filesystem level modified date.

File content is of course preserved (just to reply to the thread title).

Exif date to sort albums is tracked for nextcloud photos at support in general at

More building blocks to extract exif are available then on issue creation, but what table to best extract this into to rely on for sorting is undecided by my reading of the comments

Thanks a lot for your reply, I will follow github issues you’re mentionning and try to see if I can help.

unless I can contribute a code bugfix or failure log I just subscribe and wait for the good news.

From looking at the recent activity by project members and allocation, looks like they want to get this done for the next 1-2 major releases, so maybe end of year or Q1/2024 - then 1-2 month for murena to catch up. They’re at nextcloud 25 - 28 is the next release.

I forgot that there is an app that can help with some of the organization called Camera Date Folders.
I briefly mentioned it here and only used it once for testing.

It works mostly (only?) with images taken by the camera. Does not use EXIF or filesystem timestamps but the date in the filename generated by the camera app.
If nothing else it can help reduce some of the organizing workload maybe.

In moving photos around locally I am always careful to use rsync hoping to keep the unmodified date because copy will always give a new modified date.

In my experience from a phone modified dates are unchanged in the murena sync process.

@emmanuelriou you mention “current month” – might be worth investigating does the import create the new modified date ?

I would hope that an import to a server would be a sync, but I realise that is not a given.

murena introduced nextclouds memories as Gallery webapp this week. It uses the Exif info on the timeline so should help you

Thanks very much for the information!

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