Privacy of Gmail on the default Mail app

Hi all,

First of all, I’m quite new in the /e/ family but I’m soooo happy to be part of this wonderful project ! Your daily work is awesome and even if it works on a still growing eOS, it’s just make so much sense to me !

I know it is possible to configure any email accounts to the stock app on eOS. But what about the privacy when doing this ? I mean, I “understand” that Google is able to read through your mail, to whom you send stuff or receive mails and probably many other features to make money out of you. But does they have access to your /e/ account afterward ? Do you give them a back door to access to your mobile and your privacy ? I have two phones, one sim card less with Gmail working on WiFi (my previous “infested” Android one) and my FP3+ eOS for absolutely nothing else than stock apps. And for daily use it works perfectly fine like this as not many people contact me via Gmail anymore. They wait for me to be home to check this phone or I access Gmail via computer at work. As explained, I won’t do it if there is a single little tiny possibility that it is a stupid idea to do it as it would be a nice to have feature more than a need. My privacy is more important than nothing else :slight_smile: .


If you disable automatic images loading and don’t click on links, it’s just a simple IMAP/SMTP email transfert.
Google will get your IP address, maybe your OS fingerprint (didn’t check that), but cannot take control of your device just by sending to you your emails.

Thanks for pour reply! I think I will let it like this dir now as it is not a major issue for me and your answer might be of help for somebody else asking himself privacy on eOS vs Gmail