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Hi folks,

I’m about to “glue together” the privacy policy for my own website

For that I use the aid of an online privacy policy generator from this page
It mentions CLOUD systems. I use Murena cloud to store some client notes, send calender invites and emails. Thus I need to mention Murena Cloud in there too. Browsing through the privacy notice from, without being an expert in privacy topics it seems a bit high level. It solely talks about, so I miss the aka CLOUD specific part in that policy, where it’s servers reside and whom to contact for privacy specific topics.

I look out for your opinion first and with that discussion, maybe we can form a conclusion with that we abbroach the murena management together.

Thank you!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

indeed the PP doesn’t seem to be targeted yet towards too - CC @Manoj

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Shared the feedback to the infra team. Will get back with their response.

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Hi @Manoj thank you for taking this to the team.
May I ask what is the status on this topic? Any news?

I have requested the team to update the documentation to clarify this. Will update when that is done.

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Any news on this after three months?

The documents we have around this are on eFoundation and the Murena site