Privacy questions for 1.5 on fairphone 4

Just bought a new fp4 and install with easy installer latest eos version. I had a fp3 for about three years eith eos version 0.25.

I do have a couple of questions that are not clear to me, so I try to make them understandable.

Advanced Privacy ist off, does it work anyway? Because whats off is, the online-privacy is not garantied. So I was wondering if data privacy works anyway and prohibid all trackers.

I use proton vpn, dose this work with data privacy? Shall I use both, proton vpn and data privacy together?

I used to have shelter installed, and installes ehatsapp in it. Shall I do the same on the new 1.5 version? Is shelter any help for data privacy?

I do host my own nextcloud server at home. I connected eOS account and it synced a couple of “random folders” what dose the file sync button do and what files are then synced?

I also installed ne nexcloud app, wich gives me the possiblity to acces all my folder directly from my phone via the folder manager, wich is great. This wasn’t like this in version 0.25. Is this correct?

So at the moment it is all my questions above. Thanks for some quick reply.

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I’m slightly confused by your term “data privacy”, because it’s such a broad term - or do you mean “Advanced Privacy” the app?

  1. AP (as in Advanced Privacy) has three components: tracker block via dns, location spoof and Tor as “hide-my-ip”. Did you disable all options? then the app won’t contribute. The first option, anti-tracker is sensible, the other’s I’d leave off. I see you just now encountered the post where some explaining takes place - Advanced Privacy - know all about it

  2. becase the Tor / hide-my-ip component has to be implemented as “VPN” (a network interface basically), you can’t use another VPN at the same time if you enable that feature. You can leave it off and use the others

  3. Shelter helps in compartmentalisation, so yes I think it helps with Apps that want to share your contacts and you have reasons to contain this behaviour even accidentally

  4. “what files are synced” → these folders and anyting in those will be synced Files · a645de5d · e / os / eDrive · GitLab by the in-built webdav client (“eDrive”). The official nextcloud client will do it as to your settings

  5. haven’t used the official nextcloud client lately, didn’t know myself it’s integrated into the Files App

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Thanks verymuch for your very helpfull answere.

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