Privacy Respecting Store

Good evening my friends,
Tonight i have a question for you.
This is not strictly about /e/ but bears implications on our online habits and health.
I notice the humongous amount of data being sent to non friendly servers by many stores, and my question is, would you buy from a proxy store which listed and dropshipped items from ebay, amazon, walmart?

Ok I know these stores are evil.
Let’s say the stores are ethical, but they use nonprivate payment providers. So the proxy. Would you support a dropshipping store on this model?

  • No
  • Yes, if prices are the same
  • Yes, even with 2% margins

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Depending on the results of the poll , I may begin a dropshipping ‘shell’, a proxy store!
Interested to hear your opinion.


actually it’s a problematic that came to my mind : sometimes on Amazon there is a super offer about something (like an external hardrive of 5 GB for 100 €) but I don’t want an Amazon account so I don’t buy it.

So yes this kind of drop-shipping website sounds interesting.

Though it raises some issues : what about the warranty if my hardrive doesn’t work or if I want to return it under the 14 days of trial ?
If it’s possible to pay and receive the label without giving any piece of information about me, it would be wonderful but don’t know if it’s possible.

If it is, 2% margins sounds like free.