Problem by installing /e/ on Moto G 2015 Osprey (3rd generation)

Dear community,

I wanted to install /e/ on a Motorola phone but for unlocking the bootloader, the installation page of /e/ tells me to go to a Motorola page. On this page, one advise me to install the latest USB drivers of Motorola that should be found there. But this page is not available apparently (I have searched on archive DOT org) since years… So I am wondering if the drivers that Motorola wants me to download are the one that one can find on this page. Could someone please confirms my intuition?

If it is really on this page that one can download the USB driver of Motorola devices (which seems to be the case), how to install Motorola Device Manager on a Linux computer?

Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day!

Hi @BoycottGAFAM welcome to the /e/ forum.

Your first link is to did you login at this point? I would guess it will be required.

Hi @aibd ! Thanks for your nice answer and welcome!
I am not sure to rightly understand your point. My first link redirects to a no more available page.
My second link can be consulted without being logged in…

I have created an account on the motorola website for unlocking the bootloader of my device but that is all.

Please tell me if I misunderstand something.

Thanks anyway for your answer.

Does someone have another idea?

Motorola are not renowned for making it easy for “leavers”. The drivers are a Windows thing. Just as a general idea of the process we see Unlocking the Bootloader | MOTOROLA Android Phones | Motorola Mobility LLC and for a rather old Ubuntu guide How to unlock bootloader of Motorola Devices Using Ubuntu/Linux Mint

I include them just to help you get an idea of what will be involved; but notice how both links do not deliver ‘what you want’ without logging in!

Ah, I see, in my browser it redirects to “unspecified error”. I think it would still be worth logging in to the portal with your Motorala login details. You might then be able to search there for answers, after all this is a proprietary process. According to reports I read you need to be prepared to be quite precise to get the bootloader liberated.

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