Problem flashing Android Q to Galaxy S9

Hi, I am attempting to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S9 bought on the /e/ store to Android Q since it came with 8.1.0. To do so, I am first installing the “official” samsung Q firmware (downloaded from Samfrew). However, when flashing, Heimdall always gets stuck at odm.img . Has anyone encountered this problem? Any recommendation on what I could do? This has rendered my phone unusable (it goes into download mode fine so it’s not bricked but it cannot start properly).

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Hi @pierrel Welcome. Hopefully I can help you get the attention of @SuzieQ, who is an /e/ resident expert on all things Samsung device-flashing related :sunglasses:

She helped me and has helped many other people as well with these kind of issues- you will see her handiwork throughout the Samsung forum threads! :wink:

Hopefully she will be around soon. Good luck!

Hi ! Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve seen her excellent thread on the topic which I’ve used as a baseline. Unfortunately it did not go as planned for me… Hopefully I can find a fix soon so I can use my device and /e/ again !

If this is useful for anyone, the /e/ easy installer managed to recover my device and cleanly install the OS. Quite impressive I must say. Alas I am back to 8.1.0, I think I’ll wait for the OTA update for Q.

Well, I’ve installed Q on my S9, and it does not bring a lot more usability at this stage.
And it is a bit buggy here and there.
Just stick with 8.1 is basicly a good idea for now.
Although I hope that Q is stable soon.