Problem registration Signal app Fairphone 3+

I have /e/os installed on my Fairphone 3+ and get stuck while registering in Signal app.
I can succesfully install the app but I cannot register any account. Every time I open the app, it asks me to register my phone number and whatever number I give, I receive the message “problem connecting to server. Check network connection”.

Note that I can register to other application (Telegram or Whatsapp), I give my phone number and I succesfully receive a confirmation code.

I have given permission to Signal to access whatever is necessary but it still does not work.

I would appreciate any help to solve the problem !

Thank you in advance…

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Where is your Signal app from?

The /e/os default “Apps” store

This one is outdated (5.52) which has already been mentioned here several times. Use the one from Aurora (6.0) or better the Langis app (also 6.0). I can’t say if this old version has now an issue during the registration process.

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Hm, this topic might be outdated, but I found it via an external link and like to comment:
On my FP3+ the signal messanger app seems to get updated regularly w/o any issues. Currently on my phone it’s version 6.26.3 (which seemed to be up to date).
Therefore, I assume the problem reported initially is not a general issue