Problem to install /e/ on Fairphone 3

The installation of /e/ on my FairPhone 3 with Android 10 (build number: 8901.3.A.0101.20210420 ) using the “easy-installer” FAILED. As operating system I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. It does not succeed to get into the fastboot mode, although in the FairPhone before the developer options were unlocked, USB debugging was enabled and the OEM unlocking was performed. However, after pressing the “Power” and “Volume -” buttons at the same time, a warning message came from Google with a link to “”.
Enclosed I’ll try to send the log “1cdd1ebf-0f23-41ac-8d26-3e821d4e4c2b.log” (87.1 kB) from the home folder ~/snap/easy-installer/common over

please paste the contents of the logfile to 7 and click the save icon there which will generate a link which you can then use here.
Hopefully I got it right with the link in this procedure. I am a complete beginner here in the forum, but of good will:

Hi @montloup your log did upload ok! :slight_smile:

I observed 320 matches for
(debug)ERROR: object '' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

This error gets many results from a search, it could be a Snap issue?

Some solutions are suggested. Perhaps you could run that search and see if any might apply to your system. Was this a new Snap install? Do other Snap apps run correctly?

Perhaps check out What does do

The log however finishes with

< waiting for any device >
 stage is closing

I cannot tell you the connection, but we see that Easy Installer is not talking to your phone!

Yes, < waiting for any device > is the relevant part. But what is strange: the installer did successfully interact with the phone. It detected that it’s a FP3 and it successfully did the unlock and later detected that the phone is in fastboot mode with the bootloader unlocked. But the first fastboot command that would actually send something to the phone hangs.

No idea if that ERROR: is connected/causing the problem. The log is full of those errors but the first commands did work correctly.
Trying to solve it surely will do no harm, but I’m noch fully sure it will resolve the problem of the hanging installation process.

In any case: looking at the log, the only thing that happened was the actual bootloader unlock.
So it should be possible to start over again.

Thanks for the quick replies, unfortunately I can’t deal with the problem again for a good week for a variety of reasons, I’ll get back to you then. Thanks again !

You might just compare your experience with this post.

Thanks again for the support:

@aibd: I have checked my USB connections again very carefully. Concerning the message “ERROR: . . .” I read up a lot. And found that in connection with my virus scanner NOD32, which I use as a precaution (perhaps superfluously) also in Linux-Ubuntu, there were also already problems in the direction, so I deactivated NOD32 temporarily.

@Ingo_FP_Angel: And then I followed your advice (“So it should be possible to start over again.”) and tried again to install the operating system e with the help of the “easy-installer”. What succeeded this time well.
And I am very satisfied with it.

By the way: again a lot of messages came up “ERROR: . . .”