Problem updating from 1.8.1-r to 1.13-s


I noticed my phone hadn’t been getting updates for a while, so I did some searching and found out that whole version upgrades require a manual install. So I followed the steps here:

And as expected, the install would get to 47% in Terminal and display the message “Total xfer: 1.00x”, however on the phone itself, it would never get past “installing update… step 2/2” even after letting it sit for 3+ hours. Restarting or powering off and back on just gets stuck on a “Qualcomm CrashDump Mode” screen. Is my device bricked or is there something else I’m missing?

Thanks for your help!

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This can be quite difficult, I think you may need to read this whole thread (twice) to work out a recovery plan. OnePlus - 9 Pro - lemonadep - Documentation Suggestions

“Qualcomm CrashDump Mode” is not a “bricked” situation, or perhaps is “soft bricked”, the methods in the above link will lead to recovery.

I notice that you link the install page in your OP; there is important information in this page, regarding to upgrading of the underlying firmware.

Warning: Please note this upgrade build could not be tested as there were no device specific testers available. Some devices may need a revert to stock ROM prior to upgrade.

If you are more keen to “just recover the phone” please read (again twice !)

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Thank you so much!! This post in particular is what finally worked for me:

I appreciate your help.

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