Problem with a notification about sms message (Fairphone 4)


I constantly receive a notification on the screen of my smartphone:

send sms message

Phone sends a large number of sms. Do you authorize this application to continue sending messages.

Reject Allow

I click on the ‘Allow’ choice all the time, but the message keeps coming back. How to correct this problem ?


Hi. Perhaps you have set that option in the Trust setting? Search for SMS you will find this:


I found the option and I set it to 5. Now, I will see if I’ve always this message. I will close later this topic if it is the solution.


!!! News !!!: The popup message is displayed again. :frowning:
I set it on a greater number, I will see if it solve the problem.

Are you sure there’s not an app that sends SMS?

I don’t know. How to check it ?

I would start by taking a look at mine operator app. For example, I have Fastweb and the app show me how many SMS I still have monthly: if that number decrease without my action, an apps is sending.
But I think this is not the problem :thinking:


It seems that I haven’t got the popup message anymore for now. Perhaps that define a greater number in the option solved the issue. I’m waiting a few days and If it is all right, I close this topic.