Problem with Apps on Galaxy S9 +

I bought the smartphone already configured on

When I want to install an app, I always get the same message: “Something went wrong! Please try again later”

What is the problem ?

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Have tried another (better) store like Aurora from f-droid?

And could you pls check which apps store version us installed? Is it 1.1.6?

This message is displayed when there is no connection to the Internet!

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Your phone is pré-installed, sorry i don’t think it is configured, you have to check every settings.

the internet connection is working well.
I just tried it via Aurora from f-droid and it’s ok. I can install apps through this channel

I’ve been wondering for days, because I keep hearing complaints about the /e/ Apps Store. It works fine on different devices with different /e/ OS versions. Here is an example of an app that I just downloaded: