Problem with Disroot account

Recently I started to use a Disroot account, but I can’t integrate it into the Mail app.Got it on Thunderbird, but when I try to do it on Mail app with the same settings (IMAP, normal pasword,etc…) it says is unable to connect to server.Maybe I need K9 client?

Have you tried with K9? I think it will also fail, because mail app is a fork of K9.
And when it works in K9, it world be good, if you will raise in issue in gitlab

Yes, sadly it doesn’t work with K9, but I don’t know how to raise an issue…

pls see here [HOWTO] Report issues in Applications in /e/

Fisrtly you need to confirm that you email id is or . Secondly according to this the imap server is rather than and same is for outgoing smtp server. Tried and tested on my side it works :slight_smile:
Big thanks to Sumit Pundit!

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