Problem with e/OS/ update every second time :) FP3

Hi, sorry my english, not the best.
I took first e/OS/ on my FP3 at 0.13 version. I really happy that change google to different system.
0.14 update crashed the system, so the phone took factory reset. I lost some photos, it’s happened.
0.15 update worked fine.
0.16 update failed.
0.17 fine
0.18 failed
0.19 fine
0.20 failed
0.21 fine
and yesterday 0.22 again failed.
I have routine what must do before update version (I take backup my apps).

So, what is my problem my FP3? I think I took mistake first installation FP3.
Thank you.

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What does “failed” mean? What exactly is (or isn’t) happening?

When I download the last (0.22) version, after the installation finished restart the phone.
This time start the phone, I saw the “Fairphone” logo and restart the phone and I saw maybe root menu and 2 options change: 1. restart the phone, 2. factory reset.
The 1st option take again this routine (every failed intallation 0.14, 0.16, 0.18, 0.20, 0.22).
So, I choose the factory reset.
I really hope that understand what I write.
Next time (0.24 version) I’ll make a movie this situation.

I think I understand what you are describing.

The Fairphone 3/3+ is an A/B device, it has two slots for the OS (A and B). While you are using one slot, OTA updating the OS is done by installing the updated OS on the other slot in the background, so you can use the phone while this is done, and then there’s only a short reboot to switch the OS slot to the updated one. User data (= the data partition) is shared (= not in two slots) and stays the same.

One of your OS slots seems to not like what it sees regarding the data partition when booting after the update, getting you to a screen with the options to “try again”(booting) or a factory reset.
You choose the factory reset … and it gets the OS to boot successfully on this slot, so you are using this slot then.
The next OTA update then installs to the other slot which doesn’t have the problem … so no problem.
The next OTA update after that then installs to the bad slot again … problem.
And so on.

The solution should be to get both slots into the same working state again.
If you readily do factory resets to work around the problem, you seem to be prepared for wiping your data, which is a good prerequisite to tackle this head-on.

I see two obvious options.

You could install /e/OS again. The manual install explicitly installs to both slots (for FP3 you can choose the dev or stable release channel). The Easy installer should install to both slots, too (but only stable releases).
You can clearly see which release channel you are currently on in Settings- About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version.

Alternatively, you could reinstall Fairphone OS to get the phone back into a well defined state with every possible partition set up how it should be.
As the /e/OS install doesn’t cover every partition there is in the phone, this would be an even more re-set starting point to then again install /e/OS.


Thank you for your helping, this is the second time that you help me :slight_smile: [HOW-TO] Flash /e/-OS on Fairphone 3 using Debian based GNU/Linux - #21 by DrG0nz0

I try to reinstall e/OS/ again, because I wouldn’t use google android again (I leave the google last year, I changed google email to protonmail, and the google android to e/OS/).
After I reinstall the e/OS/ I sign again. But I’m afraid, i haven’t got routine this OS reinstall…

I only meant it as an intermediate step to then install /e/OS again on that base.
You can just skip the Google sign-in at the initial setup to then start the steps needed to install /e/OS.

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I understand. Thanks.

Hi, I have a problem and I think you helped me.
I install at this moment /e/OS 0.23-20220412177701 version. The last version doesn’t work (app lounge every time crahed).
So I reboot bootloader then I take /e/OS 0.23-20220412177701 version.
I see in this page:

So, it’s working stable e/OS/ version?
what the different between v1.3-r and v1.3-q? (sorry my english knowledge)
How can I install this version?
Thank you.

so, the is the stable version?
Thank you for your helping.

Depends on what you mean with stable, at least they are more recent than 0.23.
0.23 was followed by 1.0.

r = Android 11, q = Android 10
The letters come from Google’s internal references before the release of new Android versions, see

/e/OS versions can be based on different underlying Android versions, depending on what is available to work with on a device.

If Settings - About phone - Android version gives you Android 9, then see here … Fairphone 3/3+ (FP3): OTA upgrade from Android 9 (Pie) status

No, as the filename says, it is the dev version, see here …

If you want to know what you are running now accordingly, see Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/OS version.

stable builds would be here …

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Thank you, tomorrow I will check.

Thanks, it’s working, a installed versiont this guide:

Good night.

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