Problem with e_user group

I have a question about the e_user group for @moderators

The definition of this group says

/E/ user
Group of /e/ users, confirmed by having registered on forum using their address.

Initially I didn’t register to the forum using my address that I actually never use, because I have other addresses, domains etc…
But reading that I could not be part of this group because of this, I added my address as secondary mail address in my discourse profile, nevertheless still was not part of this group

It seems it just checks the main address of your profile…

My remarks are:

  • Why this criterion of registering with the address important ? In such a forum, isn’t it enough to just say that you are a user ?
  • I could remove the original address I used to register and just keep the address and maybe it would solve the problem, but as I never use this address I would not see (at least regularly) any email that would be sent to me.

Yet I am a /e/ user and advocate for more than one year (previously LineageOS).

So either the address is necessary as “proof” to be part of this group and in this case alternate addresses have to be checked as well.
Either this is not important, and then just open the group to whoever claims to be a user… which sounds perfectly legit to me.

Thank you in advance

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