Problem with folder permissions for syncthing

I am using murena 1.9.1 on a FP3. I use “syncthing” to sync data from the device to my computer.

I have a new SD card now. Unfortunately I can no longer specify the base level of the SD card as the syncronization folder. There comes now the message

“This folder cannot be used. Select another folder to protect your data.”

in German (original):

“Dieser Ordner kann nicht verwendet werden. Zum Schutz deiner Daten einen anderen Ordner auswählen.”

How can I adjust the permission accordingly?

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Although this is old info it might might still apply.

SD card write access

Wouldn’t specifying a subdirectory work? Using the root of a storage is not a good place to store anything anyway.
No screenshot provided but did the screen also have a “Create new folder” option?

Yes, there is this option.

I want to backup (read) simply the whole sd-card to my computer.

It works perfect, until a few months.

Ah, I see. Completely misread the situation. :upside_down_face:

Really odd as seeing/reading shouldn’t be a problem. I take it the new card works fine otherwise?

Yes, I can also use the “simple editor” to create a text file in the base directory. Or move photos there.

That is strange