Problem with Hyundai Bluelink


I’m trying to get the Hyundai Bluelink app to work however it is throwing up a vague error in the picture below. I’ve installed it from both Aurora Store and App Store and the same error occurs.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem? Would a more recent microg help?

Device is Fairphone 3 running the September 0.12 release.

Many thanks


I have exactely the same problem with my Kia UVO app. Since Kia is Hyundais daughter the system should be the same. At least the shown note in your picture is the same like mine.

I contacted UVO Germany, they told me the following:

Sehr geehrter Herr xxx,
die Fehlermeldung “A security risk has been detected on your phone. UVO will be disabled. Contact customer support…” wird angezeigt, wenn die UVO App potenzielle Sicherheitsrisiken vom Handy Betriebssystem erkennt.

Wenn Ihr Handy gerootet ist, wird der Zugriff auf unsere App blockiert. Wir haben diese Sicherheitsüberprüfung durchgeführt, um sicherzustellen, dass mit Ihrer Fernbedienung des Fahrzeugs über die App kein Risiko verbunden ist.

Die Meldung wird auch dann angezeigt, wenn eine auf dem Gerät installierte Applikation mit Root-Diensten verbunden ist.

Zum Beispiel könnten einige der folgenden Apps zu den Sicherheitsrisiken führen:*
• Superuser
• Superuser Elite
• SuperSU
• Magisk Manager
• ROM Manager
• Lucky Patcher
• App Quarantine ROOT/FREEZE
• RootCloak
• Xposed Installer
• Cydia Substrate
• Hide my Root
• Hide Rooting“

In the time the error message came I had a standard TWRP/eOS-installation on my S7. In the meantime I played around with magisk (regarding the HowTo “installing banking apps” from @harvey186), suddenly the error message disappeared but I got the message “no network connection, please switch off flight mode or get better reception”.

@harvey186: do you see any hints to get this app running? The only thing of your howTo I couldn’t do was to adjust Magisk for “only core function” - in newer versions it seems this possibility is cancelled.

Thank you very much!

I do not know what I was doing wrong…I again followed @harvey186 HOW-TO (installing banking apps) and now my Kia-UVO-app works linke a charm. Like 3! other apps I never could get running in the past.

Thank u @harvey186 !!!