Problem with internet on Fairphone 4

Hi everyone,

When I switch off airplane mode, I have my wifi or 4G but no internet connection… after a call, I have my wifi or 4G, but not internet connection… and to finish, intenet with wifi isn’t very stable…

Do you have some problems like that ? I’m on Fairphone 4 with /e/OS 1.1-20220628200015.

Thanks for your reply

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Do you have advanced privacy enabled ? The Fake ip feature gave me internet problems too until disabled for my browser.

Yes is enabled and yes I disabled IP option for GPS or 1 other app because it was horrible to use it… But i have some problems with internet in general not just with the browser :confused:

Perhaps it’s an idea to remove the APN settings and configure then again.

I have the same problems… :confused:

I update my Fairphone with /e/OS 1.1-20220708202088 but same problem. @Manoj do you have some tips to fix that problem ?

Big thanks