Problem with launching the OS e-1.18 due to an alternative launcher on Samsung Galaxy S9+

Problem with launching the OS due to an alternative launcher on Samsung.

Before installing the last version, I forgot to disable the alternative launcher (called Final Interface) and enable the standard one (BlissLauncher).

Can anyone help me forcefully disable the alternative Final Interface Launcher (which was on the phone before it was updated from version e-1.15 to version e-1.18), for example by writing some special code for this in firmware e-1.18 (developer’s versie) or by some otherwise removing this alternative launcher and starting the OS with the standard launcher.

Clearing the cache after installation does not help. I have still e(°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°) bootloop.
Some other good idea???

I can still use recovery e-1.18 (developers versie) and Odin connection with my S9+.

Thanks a lot for any solution or a tip how to disable this damn alternative launcher and start the OS without losing data?

Please see my “One last thought”.

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Thanks again Xxpsilon
This method unfortunately doesn’t work, but thanks for the great idea and great help!

I won’t do a factory reset, but I will wait for someone to help me disable Final Interface Launcher by interfering with the phone’s settings at the image file level.

I am sure that the OS is not starting because the alternative launcher does not allow the OS to start. I need to stop Final Interface and start BlissLauncher from an image file.
But unfortunately I don’t know how to do this.

I replayed your situation on a Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte) with build e-1.18-t-20231211-UNOFFICIAL-herolte_by @ronnz98 + e-Recovery + Interface Launcher (com.finalinterface). I was not able to “insert” or “deactivate” or “uninstall” from the e-Recovery with classic ADB Fast commands, although “USB debugging + Rooted debugging” were activated on my system.

I see 3 solutions so far.

  1. Either add a second launcher, Final Interface Launcher, to the e-1.18-dev firmware, so that when the OS starts, its presence does not lead to a conflict;

  2. Or add some rule to the firmware that automatically clears the settings in the launcher section and forcibly changes it to the default BlissLauncher;

  3. It would be possible to install such a Final Interface Launcher for a test and then, leaving it active, flash a new image and look at the logs by connecting to the phone via cable to figure out how to bypass such a bootloop conflict if a third-party launcher was installed before upgrade on e.OS.

Solving this problem will help make the e.OS shell much more reliable and so better.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Android OS programming skills, so I can’t solve this problem myself.

LINK to Final Interface Launcher.

He is really great but as you see block to start e.OS if you forget to swith him off and to return back to BlissLaucher.

I"d like to use BlissLauncher if he will be like Final Interface. But… Bliss is less good unfortunally.

Maybe someone can suggest a command from fastboot to remove the Final Interface launcher?

I believe Final Interface will reside in data, so format data should expect to remove it (as well as all your data, of course).

As we learn in your other thread that the device was previously on Android 10 (Q) format data is most likely required in order to complete the version upgrade from Q to T.

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Sorry, but I seem to have accidentally deleted half the posts from this thread. I ask the administrator, if possible, restore the message thread.
Thank you!

From the begining i think that your alternative Launcher has nothing to do with your booting problem but the device tree witch is different in “T” version.

reinstalling the “Q” version seems to resolve your booting problem…

Backup the “internal storage” cause no problem using your PC file-manager, also restore it.
Backup the “Q” /data partition is possible and easy using TWRP, also restore it on a “Q” system

But restoring the “Q” /data on a “T” system is another story…