Problem with OTA_URL using the community build image

Hi together,
i cant get my ota running again. I am building with the community docker image and the OTA_URL parameter setted.
After booting, the property lineage.updater.uri is not setted (should that be the case or is this not the “productive place” where it should be configured ?), if I set it manually with
setprop lineage.updater.uri “” it seems to work again.
Without setting it there the requests are made to
Seems like the OTA Url gets to the buildscript. Adding OTA URL overlay is echoed on the build and
the /srv/src/PIE/vendor/lineage/overlay/microg/packages/apps/Updater/res/values/strings.xml contains the valid Ota url also…

Any ideas whats the problem here?


How do you get the property getprop lineage.updater.uri ? This property is empty on my phone, but it does connect to my custom OTA. (I’s a build from 18-1-2020. So maybe something changed…)

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yep, i get it using getprop. i can see the connection url also in logcat when checking for updates. Okay, thats interesting. I guess the correct url then gets built into the updater app if everything works correctly. So perhabs i have a problem with the overlay stuff?

I now have the same issue, the OTA url is not working. I did an OTA test for leeco s2, after the update OTA points to So you are right, something changed.

I checked, i was using the wrong script. I never use Docker, but use the same build scripts. So i changed to the correct one and OTA is working again. I have no idea why it is not working for you, since you checked /srv/src/PIE/vendor/lineage/overlay/microg/packages/apps/Updater/res/values/strings.xml
I also checked this file, and the URL was there.

thanks for testing out :slight_smile: i guess you now use the Thats the one which should be used in the docker community image according to the CI config.
And yes, the correct value in the strings.xml is really strange…

Perhabs someone who is building with docker can test to ota a recently wiped phone.

Hey @ all, sadly the problem ist still there, even with a complete fresh source and cache. Has anybody made recent builds with a custom ota url and can confirm if its working? especially for beryllium which I’m building for right now.
Thank you!