Problem with SD card after update to 1.17 (FP3)

I’m using /e/OS on a Fairphone 3 and just updated to 1.17 (1.17-s-20231109350748-stable-FP3). After the restart I got a notification that there is a problem with my SD card (which I previously configured to be used as an portable memory). It tells me that the card needs to be reformatted before I can use it.

I had the same problem with a previous update as well (I can’t remember which version it was). Luckily I only had data on there, which I also have on the PC (mostly audio books) or which I could download again (map data), so I just did the reformatting.

But to do this regularly is cumbersome and this shouldn’t happen without forewarning.

Any idea how to prevent this?

Have you tried if “Abbrechen” (CANCEL) is enough to be able to use the card?

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Yes, if I select “Abbrechen” I can then either click on “Mobiler Speicher” (portable memory/storage) and the same dialog will open again or on “Später einrichten” (set up later) and the notification will persist without me being able to use the card.

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