Problem with the nextcloud application, downloaded files remain at 0B


I’ve had my Fairphone 5 for 2 weeks.
I have my own NextCloud server (thank you Yunohost).
So far very happy.

But (there is always a “but” ! ), my Nextcloud app has been a problem for 2 or 3 days.

When I want to download a new file from my seurver via the android application the download runs but the file does not download. Its size is therefore displayed at 0B. If I refresh the list of files; the size becomes normal again.

I also have the same behavior when downloading a file from my phone. For example, I create a text file from the application and fill it with some random line of text. For the application the file is created, but it is not present on the phone but at a size of 0B. It is not hanging on the server or the phone itself.

Do you know where this problem can come from ?

Another question may be related, in “Parameter” → “Acount” → My Nextcloud Account → account synchronization “File” is off. I don’t understand what’s this option for?

Synchronization worked for a few days… I haven’t seen exactly since when it no longer works …

The problem is still there even after having

  • reset the phone entirely.
  • tested the Nextcloud or Nextcloud Dev app installed from “App Lounge” or “F-Droid”.

I just found how to generate log, so I keep looking but need help :slight_smile:

Well … I found the cause. Thank you Nextcloud forum.
This is a known problem, see 3.28.1 doesn’t recognize filesize of fresh uploaded files #12822

But by the way I would like an answer for:

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