Problems after updating to 0.7-2019081520309

After updating my FP2 to /e/ 0.7-2019081520309 I have some problems. “Add to home screen” from Brave (Browser) is not possible, Bliss Launcer is crashing.
OpenKeychain is not longer working.

Anyone have same issues?

On my s7 edge, I have other issues : e-drive crash sometimes, strange icons for phone, settings and the default browser

e-drive crashes on my FP2 as well. However I do not use it, so it is not important for me.
Over all my System runs not stable. :frowning:

On my LeEco Le 2 brightness adjustment stopped working with this update.

Since e-0.7-n-2019081420309-dev-libra update on my Xiaomi Mi4c (libra) i also get ‘/e/ drive crashed’ message when i turn on wifi.

No issue with auto brightness adjustment on my side though.

For the issue with the e-drive could you try and check if you are able to log in to the ecloud web page.

I have no /e/ or any account set on the phone and never had

On my OnePlus 5T after update to latest 08/16 version. No problem with connecting to either using the Nextcloud app or using a browser. Problem fixed I suppose.

Do you use an /e/ account on your phone. Wanted to check if folks who do not use an /e/ account are having problems.

Yes, I use it at times to exchange documents/files between my computer and my phone. With a limit of 20 Gb I think the automatic syncing of photos I take on my e-phone will soon fill that up. :wink:

With installing the new update (0.7-2019082121020) all problems are dissipated. :slight_smile:

Same for me, except for the e-drive crash

Are you using your /e/ email ID in the phone? With the /e/ ID the e-drive should work correctly.

Yes I’m using my email ID… I will try to change it today. Thanks

So… everything works fine now. I had to delete and re-create my /e/ account… Thanks :slight_smile: