Problems installing /e/ OS on a Fairphone 4 (using the Easy Installer in Linux Debian)

Hi everybody,
I’m very keen to install /e/ OS in my Fairphone 4 but I’m having problems. I summarise here what I did:

  1. I’ve a laptop with Linux Debian installed, so I’ve downloaded the
    easy-installer-0.13.4-beta.deb from here, I’ve installed it in my Debian and then I’ve opened it to install /e/ OS on my FP4.
  2. I followed all the instruction of the Easy Installer to enable the USB debugging, removing the accounts and allowing USB file transfer.

Nevertheless when I reach the Device Detection phase of the Easy Installer, it tells me:

Your FP4 is not yet supported by /e/ OS

Have I missed something? I’m really keen to install this OS on my smartphone and I hope somebody can help me. Any help is very appreciated.



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0.13.4 is a pretty old version of the installer and I guess it didn’t support the FP4 yet.

I assume the easiest would be to use the snap version that is at 0.18.1.

If you can’t or don’t want to use snap, then maybe building the installer from sources could be an idea.

Edit: out of curiosity I had a look how difficult it is to create an AppImage file of the easy-installer that is one self-contained binary that runs on any linux distribution without the need to install anything.
Turns out it was pretty easy :slight_smile:
I’ve uploaded the AppImage to my murena cloud account:
easy-installer.AppImage is the executable, easy-installer.AppImage.sha256sum contains a file checksum and easy-installer.AppImage.sha256sum.asc is a signature of the checksum file with my PGP key.
I hope that’s not too gibberish for everybody…


Thank you very much @Ingo_FP_Angel!
Your version of the Easy Installer seems to support also FP4. Unfortunately I saw your message only after I’ve tried to install /e/ OS using the more manual procedure as described here. That was easier than I expected.
Thank you anyway for uploading your AppImage of the easy-installer. I’m sure it will be very useful for other users.


Thanks @Ingo_FP_Angel I downloaded the /easy-installer.AppImage, made it executable, and it opened Easy Installer v0.17 just fine. Nice work.

I do not have a supported device to test, but Easy Installer runs just fine and identifies my OnePlus bacon with a perfectly sound log in /tmp/easy-installer/, where also found /tmp/easy-installer/sources/.

  • x86_64 laptop, Debian 11

Maybe this can become part of the official release process. Created a merge request for that over at gitlab.


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