Problems with formatting SD card as internal storage

I am having trouble with formatting an SD card (SAMSUNG 64GB) as internal storage in /e/ (fresh install) on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Formatting as external storage works.

When trying to format as internal storage, the process bar starts at 20% and never moves any further. In some instances the phone will crash and turn off, in others it will just freeze on this screen.

Afterwards, the SD card in question will not be recognized by the phone anymore which can be solved by formatting it to exFAT with a computer.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any hints for a solution? Is this likely a faulty SD card and I should buy another?


This issue was solved with a newly bought SD Card of the same type (also SAMSUNG 64 GB) which was formatted as internal storage without problems. The old card mysteriously works fine in a different device where it was formatted as internal storage without problems.

Hi. I’m wondering, is it possible this way that apps with large storage requirements will end up on the sd-card (e.g. navigation with offline maps, etc.), even if they wouldn’t support sd-storage out of the box?

Hello @xof.e,

It depends on the Android version you are.

If I’m right, from Pie you can use a SDcard to act as if it was internal storage. It’s suggested to you when you insert it.

You could also go ino developper options and enable (et the bottom) “Force allow apps on external”.

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