Problems with nextcloud notes

Dear community,
I am using /e/ (0.18_q) on a Oneplus 5 and have problems with the notes app. It is a fork of the Nextcloud notes app from F-droid. My first question is what version is it based on? Is it up to date? The last update of the original app is two months old.

I have transferred notes from another phone to e cloud. However, there are problems because I can’t change the title in the e-version. That’s why the text is strangely jumbled.
What is also not optimal: search results are clearly marked and easy to see in the original app. In the e-version, however, they are barely recognizable.
There are a few other oddities as well.

The notes feature is key for me. Is the app still being worked on or updated?

Thanks for help!

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I’m afraid I don’t know what plans /e/ have for their Notesemphasized text app.

I suggest installing the original NextCloud Notes app from F-Droid. It is always going to be ahead of /e/'s fork, in terms of features and bug fixes

That wouldn’t bother me if I knew that development doesn’t stand still.
I also just noticed that Markdown markers do not appear on the web interface ( at all.

EDIT: I think the main problem is that the ecloud version does not provide titles for the notes. That’s why there’s chaos when syncing with the original app.
I wonder where they got the idea to cut such a basic function of a note app.

I have now worked intensively with the notes, namely with the /e/ notes app AND the notes view in the browser (Firefox, Linux Mint).
I have the following suggestions for improvement:

  1. it would be good if there was a uniform field for “title” and a uniform field for the content of the note. Currently, the title is automatically assigned to the text before the first return. This leads to the problem that in the overview of the notes in the app, the line after the first return is swallowed up.

  2. It would be nice to be able to format (bold, italics) in the browser view as well.

  3. it would be nice to be able to change the font and font size. Currently, my notes in the browser view have different fonts and font sizes depending on the source from which I copied the text.

  4. it would be nice to be able to set the notes in the web view to start automatically in preview mode and not in edit mode.

I would be pleased if a developer could comment briefly on this. Thanks!

you’d need to check if your concerns are already filed in the upstream projects and if not, make your case with some illustration - for client and server side:

2, 3, 4 → server side (what you access via browser) Issues · nextcloud/notes · GitHub … will trickle down when version is upgraded at

1 → android client Issues · stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes · GitHub (or in the issue backlog linking to the fork e / apps / Notes · GitLab)

I’m split on 1. … I do prefer when notes automatically take a title, maybe it should be an option, but well…

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hey I read through some notes / notes-android issues today, concerning your

  1. “format in the browser” → web notes allows for implicit Markdown formatting, but it’s not well documented? maybe you’re aware - Overview of supported Markdown syntax · Issue #287 · nextcloud/notes · GitHub
    bold / italics is two one wildcards ** ** / * * etc…
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Hello, I am having another problem recently: the notes cannot synchronize anymore.
I am not sure if it is because I have just updated to Nextcloud 22.1.1.
I can’t see an alternative app in /e/'s app store to work with my notes, so please do something.

The problem with the title only affects the /e/ notes app (more specifically: in combination with the browser view and the Nextcloud notes app from F-Droid).
The Nextcloud Notes app from F-Droid offers a separate title change, as does the browser view on Therefore, there are no problems.

You also use /e/ OS? And you also use the /e/ Notes app? As far as I understand, you don’t need the separate Nextcloud app because /e/ OS has Nextcloud integrated. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Exactly. And /e/'s integration with that Note app does not work anymore for me.

Following up: now I found Nextcloud and Nextcloud Notes in the store, they work fine.
It is just /e/'s Notes app that is not up-to-date (still using API v0.2).

Edit: the original forum post was about other issue, but anyway…

didn’t check myself, but there are probably api url path problems until updated. If you have errors, could you add them to the 3550 issue?

btw @skidrow - the v1 API in Apr’2020 introduced options for separate title naming of notes, what you were asking for in bullet point 1. → manual edit of a note's title by korelstar · Pull Request #474 · nextcloud/notes · GitHub

Edit: ah you were aware of this anyway, sorry

The Nextcloud Notes app from F-Droid offers a separate title change, as does the browser view on Therefore, there are no problems.