Problems with ringtones with V.1.1

Hi, I updated my Samsung S7 to 1.1-q-20220627199797-stable-herolte

I now have only 1 ringtone from which I can (not) choose.

Phone ringtone: 139

Notifications: 87

Alarm: 20

And no option to choose other ringtones.

This, frankly, is quite ridiculous.

Does anybody know a simple workaround that works?



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Hey there I hat this issue on my s9 on Q for quite some time and was just wondering why my phone is not ringing. When being called it would just make the sound of an error notification… I recently found out that I can just select a new ringtone from the list…maybe they just added new ones and then it couldn’t find the old one in the list? No expert on this, but I could just choose a new one, now on v.1.2