Problems with SanDisk in FP3+ - no SDcard displayed

Good morning,

I am new to this “writing in forums and ask for help”-thing and also new on this /e/ OS and FP3+n-experience - which I am already glad to be making.
So I am not sure, if this problem fits in here or not. You might correct me, please.

I got the new FP3+ already installed with /e/ and I put as well a SanDisk 32GB into it. The system asked me, if I wanted to use it as an additional storage, which I answered yes. The SDcard was formated, I had no error message whatssoever.

The problem now is, that the SDcard is not shown in the app “files”:

But it is displayed in the control center (dont know the correct english word) in the part “storage”.

The only way to put content on my SDcard is now to move all data from the internal storage to the card which causes some app problems which I already experienced (like no possibility to download sent files via a messenger, e.g.).

I would be glad to get some help at this point. Thank you very much!

It seems like you chose to let the SD card be used as Internal Storage, which can indeed cause trouble in general, and currently there seems to be a bug in Android 10 on the Fairphone 3/3+ which doesn’t help either.

Please see …

@AnotherElk - thank you very much for this explanation! It really helped me understanding and solving the problem. :slight_smile:

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