Problems with system profiles

From last update (or the one before) I’ve problems with my profiles. E.g. I can’t have any more a real silent profile. It’s blocked on vibrate mode

I may be too late but in the first screenshot the option “Lier le volume de la sonnerie et des notifications” so that may be why you can’t change the notification volume in your profile. Otherwise have you tried to activate then deactivate the option “Vibrer aussi pour les appals”?

I’ve got another problem: when the Car profile is activated I can’t use the keyboard. You may say I’m not supposed to type and drive and I don’t: when I enter my car my phone connects to the car Bluetooth (which is the action I set so it’s perfect) and then I can’t type in the address I want to go to so I have to turn off my phone Bluetooth to do so… and sometimes I forget to turn it back on :innocent: