Problems with the last version of the webmail

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

For two or three days the webmail interface has changed in ecloud. I have several problems with the new version:

  • In the left panel, my e-mail address appears twice (I tried to delete one but it is not working)
  • The e-mails I received are displayed two times (perhaps linked with the problem above ?)
  • On the left panel, I see three “Inbox”: one for each e-mail addresses (with my last received e-mails) and a third inbox which contains all the folders I created.
  • In this “Inbox”, all the folders are displayed horizontally, and not hierarchically: this is not practical (moreover, the name of all the folders are truncated with no possibility to see them entirely)
  • I can’t find how to move an e-mail from the default “Inbox” to a folder I previously created

I stopped to use Gmail few months ago and I am annoyed with this new version because it makes the webmail very difficult to use. Am I the only one who have these problems or this perception ? Are new updates of the webmail planned ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this @Julien_Ollivier. Have passed it on to the development team. Will update when we have a resolution for this.

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It seems, that not all accounts are transformed. I’m have still rainloop as email app

and since yesterday I’m seeing ‘activities’ or so on top of every page

I just checked my account and I’m back to rainloop !

I suppose it is due to the creation of this topic… ? Be that as it may, it is a very good news for me: I can use my webmail again :partying_face:

Thank you to the person who performs the rollback !

Hi @Julien_Ollivier @harvey186 you are right Rainloop has been rolled back in. This is as a stop gap arrangement while issues with the Nextcloud email plugin are resolved. Will share an update when the nextcloud plugin will be back.